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new to consignment?

Here's how it works

What does Freshwater Whale consign?

-Clothing size Newborn to Adult  Women

  Brands we love- Crew Cuts, Mini Boden, Gap, Tea, Hanna Andersson, Athleta, Patagonia, Lululemon and more!

-Shoes (any brand)

-Backpacks (any brand)


How does it work?

Merchandise is brought to the store by the seller and owned by the seller until the sale occurs. Freshwater Whale keeps 60 % of the sale price and gives 40 % back to the original owner of the item.  

The consignment period is 60 days. This period begins when the item is placed on the floor.

If any items don't sell by the end of the consignment period, the consignee can choose to pick up their items or donate them to families in need.

How do I receive payment?

**At the end of the 60 day consignment period, the consignee has  three options for payment:

1.     Venmo

2.    Check

3.    Use the payment as store credit

When can I consign?

We require our consigners to sign up for a consignment appointment (link below).  Appointments are available Tuesday - Friday.  Come by anytime during the hours stated on your sign up selection. Thanks!


Click Here to Book a Consignment Appointment

In season is best but we take everything.

When consigning any clothing, whether it is for you or the kids, think about what you are currently shopping for. You will get the most from your visit by bringing in seasonally appropriate clothing. We consign for winter all year long but whatever the season, we consign more for the current climates then for stock.

Are the clothes washed?

Yes. We ask that all clothing be freshly laundered before it is brought into the store. We check everything before putting it out and wash anything that we feel doesn’t meet out standards.

Check your clothing before you bring it in.

One of the biggest reasons we turn clothing down is because it has a stain. Let’s face it, kids get stains on their clothes, no matter how much you try to keep them clean. Most of us just keep putting the same clothing on our children until they outgrow it, then we pack it away someplace, right. 

To make it easier on yourself, double check what you are going to bring in. I generally sit down and make two piles, one to consign and one to donate. I quickly look for things that are stained, missing buttons or have holes and remove those from the consign pile. We definitely don’t mind going through everything, but if you eliminate the items you know we won’t take, your visit will not take as long.

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