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Meet Our local artists

Holly Goulet


Holly Bio Pic.jpg

Holly graduated from Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been painting for the past two decades. She resides in East Grand Rapids with her family. She currently works as a Youth Librarian and spends much of her free time painting, walking, cooking, and gardening. Her largest influences include Van Gogh, Rothko and nature.  Her latest projects are focused on the complexity of natural settings and urban societies.



Katie earned a BFA in graphic design from the University of Michigan in 2001 and after several years of working in the design field, she returned to painting. She now works from a sunny studio in her hometown of East Grand Rapids, Michigan primarily using acrylic on birch panel. Katie is inspired by the seasons of Michigan and the lakes all around. She loves paint that shows the hand of the artist and unexpected moments of color. 

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